mr. leonard cohen

I was born in Montreal, 1934. I was born in chains, but I was taken out, It was windy. Dried leaves crashed against the walls of the homeopathic hospital. I was alive. I was alive in the horror.

The givers huddled over me like a football team. They started to give me things and then to take them away. The things that didn't fit, they chucked back into the funnel of the void. The gifts were many, and many were the warnings that went with them:

"We are giving you a great heart, but if you drink wine, you will begin to hate the world.

The moon is your sister, but if you take sleeping pills, you will find yourself in the company of unhappy women.

Every time you grab at love, you will lose a snowflake of your memory".

in lian lunson's doc, leonard cohen i'm you man, 2005 (ao desbarato num jumbo perto de si).

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