Querida Emily,
há casas e há palavras que
eu não sei bem como faça para entrar nelas
então espero que toda a gente se deite
e subo-lhes pelas janelas.

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  1. Helga: working on a better translation than Google provides:

    "Dear Emily,
    There are houses and there are words that
    I don't know well how to guide someone's entrance into into
    So I hope we all relax
    and ascend them by the windows."

    (Filomena helped me with the finer points!)

    Good poetry!

  2. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  3. Raymond and Filomena:

    so beautiful and nice the translation (very good) and the gesture of yours. Thank you very much! I will try to do the same with your letter to Whitman, I mean the reverse, to portuguese : )


  4. a better, perhaps more interpretive translation. perhaps I needed to sleep on it...

    There are houses
    and there are words
    and I don't know exactly
    how to guide your entrance into them

    So I hope we all will
    lay ourselves down
    in them
    with them
    and rise to their height
    by the windows they provide.